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Why NFL Flag Football?
Posted Sep 1, 2015

Ken Easley NFL Flag Football / Play 60 Program:

KEFF is designed to do three things for all athletes that come through this program:

  •          1. To provide in class and on field mentoring to young athletes who aspire to go to college to play sports or coach in their future.
  •          2. To teach kids the true fundamentals of tackle football and the process of winning.
  •          3. To develop a kid skill set based on his or her athletic abilities.  

To be a mentor one must be a trusted counselor or guide who gives advice or help to a younger person less experienced. Mentoring is critical to lots of young people today, as the modern day family has been fractured due to the breakdown in the core family structure. Today, more than ever, the family is often one parent trying to raise kids while balancing work and other obligations. Many kids are often left to figure it out for themselves and without any boundaries to contain their youthfulness, some kids will never fly right and oftentimes land in some correctional facility. My goal is to help these kids learn to live within a set of boundaries, which will help them in a world that is designed on structure.

We will teach your kids the fundamentals of the game of tackle football, so that when they reach a comfortable age to play the game, they are prepared and can enjoy some measure of success. Some 38 years ago, an old friend of mine said to me, “Kenny, you can’t do much, if you don’t know much” never truer words have been spoken. I have remembered this quote and used it in my personal life and training to gain some margin of success both athletically and professionally. And, we will teach your kids that continuing learning is absolutely essential to any desire for success in whatever professional field of their choice.

Finally, we will develop the “athlete” within the athletes we train. As a young athlete myself from the youth leagues to high school, I was a quarterback on every football team in which I played. But, it wasn’t until I got into high school did a discerning coach suggest that perhaps my skill set was more suited to defensive back. As I gained more support and counsel as a defensive back, did I start to feel comfortable in that position and went on to become the top defensive back in the Commonwealth of Virginia by my senior year. It was his coaches instincts and discerning eye that help me reach my potential and go to college and on into the NFL.

I have developed this program based on my many years of experience in football and if you want your kids, at the minimum, to develop their athletic skills and learn a process for success, then Ken Easley NFL Flag Football is just what you should be looking for. Welcome to KEFF.