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Policies & Procedures

Policy and Procedures:

1.) If League Organizer orders wrong jersey size (something different than the parent ordered) then League Organizer will have jersey replaced at cost plus shipping and handling. If Parent(s) send in the wrong size and League Organizer orders what was offered from Parent, then if parents want another jersey for the child, then the parent will be responsible for new jersey cost and shipping and handling as well.

2.) Absolutely no profanity or fighting at NFL Flag Football games. Accused will be suspended from the league for one week the first time and for the rest of the season if there is a second time.

3.) I understand kids do not drive, but there will be a 5-minute delay before a late kid can enter the game. Our compliance officer, Mrs. Shelia Lewis, will have a stopwatch to monitor the infraction.

4.) Parents or guest sitting in the stands shall not talk to coaches or referees that are on the field during a game. This infraction will cause your child to be suspended from the game.

5.) Failure to shake hands with the opposing team players will garner a warning for the first offense, sit out the first 30 minutes of the player next game for a second offense and suspended for an entire game for a third offense and counseling with parent and child with the league organizer.